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Somewhat to my disappointment, I've realized that the vast majority of my website is now encapsulated in my CV, and so have replaced my old, stunningly dated pre-CSS website with this document. But if you're looking for my 1998-2008 photos or my small collection of recipes instead of information here, please help yourself.

Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye, Ph.D

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To prototype, build, and evaluate new technologies by using both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand what people do and need everyday.

Professional Experience

October 2012-

Senior Research Scientist, Yahoo! Labs, Sunnyvale, CA
HCI Group

January 2009-
September 2012

Senior Research Scientist & Ethnographer, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto

Innovation Design Experience Animation (IDEA) Group. I studied the use of mobile phones and other mobile technologies. Publicly visible work includes:
  • Studied lead user iPad and tablet use. Themes include comfortable commuting, communal computing, and curation as creativity.
  • Studied videochat and communication technology use by families in the Bay Area
  • Led development of a 2500+ Haitian household NFC-based clean water system
  • Created and led 3-year, 7-person development of Nokia Internet Pulse,, a mobile and wall-display Twitter visualization system to understand discussion of the company on social media.
  • Built; showed women computer scientists write more papers than men
  • Led a study of corporate implications of hackers' and tinkerers' innovation practices
  • Helped develop Lenses, a novel interface for cellphones
  • Collaborations with Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UVA, ITU Copenhagen, Cambridge, Northumbria, and Mobile Life. Helped craft successful funding proposals for projects at Cornell, Drexel, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, and Columbia
  • January 2012-

    Consulting Assistant Professor, d.School, Stanford University

    Designing Liberation Technologies. Co-taught with Terry Winograd, Joshua Cohen, and Zia Yusef. Iterative design and prototyping for Nairobi slum dwellers.
    Also coached Intro to HCI (2010-2012), Cross Cultural Design (2011).

    July 2006-
    December 2006

    Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

    Computer Mediated Living Group. Projects: Whereabouts Clock, Ambient Ink, etc.

    Summer 2005

    Intern, Intel Corporation, Portland, OR.

    Domestic Design & Technology Research. Created bibliography of smart home research.


    August 2003-
    October 2008

    Ph.D, Information Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

    Dissertation: The Epistemology and Evaluation of Experience-focused HCI
    Committee: Phoebe Sengers, Jeff Hancock, Michael Lynch and Kristina Höök
    Projects: Intimate Objects, Home Health Horoscopes, Academics' Archiving Practices

    September 1999-
    June 2001

    M.S. Media Arts & Sciences, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA

    Thesis: Symbolic Olfactory Display
    Committee: Michael Hawley, Hiroshi Ishii, Marc Canter, Peter Brown
    Research: Olfactory information display; digital home and kitchen technologies.

    Fall 2000

    Resident Researcher, Media Lab Europe, Dublin.

    August 1995-
    January 1999

    B.S. Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, MA

    Research: Smart kitchens, coffee machines.. Advisor: Steven Pinker
    Primary and secondary school education: London, Paris, Singapore & Tokyo.

    Archival Papers and Short Papers

    Google Scholar calculates that my work has been cited 940 times and my h-index is 16; the ACM states my papers have been downloaded over 4000 times in the last 12 months.

    Zhang, N., Hagan, M. and Kaye, J. 'J.'. 2012. Safe Mathare: Difficulties in implementing a social system for safety in an Kenyan informal settlement. Full Paper. Under consideration for CSCW 2013.

    Hinman, R., and Kaye, J. 'J.' What iPad use can tell us about the future of computing. Under consideration for NordiCHI 2012.

    Kaye, J. 'J.', Hinman, R., and Ballagas, T. 2012. Creativity in a Comfortable, Communal and Curating World. Proceedings of the Human Computer Interaction Consortium (HCIC) Summer 2012.

    Orelgia, E. and Kaye, J. 'J.' 2012 A gift from the city: mobile phones in rural China. Full Paper. Proc. CSCW'12. 137-146.

    Kaye, J. 'J.' Understanding Self-reported Password Sharing Strategies. Note. Proc. CHI'11, 2619-2622.

    Raffle, H., Revelle, G., Mori, K., Ballagas, R., Buza, K., Horii, H., Kaye, J. 'J.', Cook, K., Freed, N., Go, J., Spasojevic, M. Hello, is Grandma there? Let’s Read! StoryVisit: Family Video Chat and Connected E-Books. Full Paper, Proc. CHI'11, 1995-2014

    Ames, M., Go., J., Kaye, J. 'J.', Spasojevic, M. Understanding Technology Choices and Values through Social Class. Full Paper, Proc. CSCW 2011: 55-64.

    Raffle, H., Ballagas, R., Revelle, G., Horii, H., Follmer, S., Go, J., Reardon, E., Mori, K., Kaye, J. 'J.', Spasojevic, M.. Family Story Play: Reading with Young Children (and Elmo) Over a Distance. Full Paper, Proc. CHI'10 1583-1592.

     Best Paper

    Ames, M., Go., J., Kaye, J. 'J.', Spasojevic, M. Making Love in the Network Closet: The Benefits and Work of Family Videochat. Proc. CSCW'10: 145-154.
    Ballagas, R., Kaye, J. 'J.', Ames, M., Go, J., Raffle, H. 2009. Family communication: phone conversations with children. Full Paper, Proc. IDC '09: 321-324.

    Taylor, A., Wyche, S., Kaye, J. 'J.' (2008) Pottering By Design. Full Paper, Proc. NordiCHI'08: 363-372.

     Best Paper Nominee

    Brown, B. A. T., Taylor, A. S., Izadi, S., Sellen, A., Kaye, J. 'J.', Eardley, R.: Locating Family Values: A Field Trial of the Whereabouts Clock. Full Paper, Proc. Ubicomp 2007: 354-371.
    Gaver, W., P. Sengers, T. Kerridge, J. 'J.' Kaye, and J. Bowers (2007). Enhancing Ubiquitous Computing with User Interpretation: Field Testing the Home Health Horoscope. Full Paper, Proc. CHI 2007: 537-546.

    I like this one

    Kaye, J. 'J.', Vertesi, J., Avery, S., Dafoe, A., David, S., Onaga, L., Rosero, I., and Pinch, T. To Have and to Hold: Exploring the Personal Archive. Full Paper, Proc. CHI 2006.

    Sengers, P., Boehner, K., David, S., Kaye, J. 'J.' Reflective Design. Full Paper, Proc. Critical Computing, Aarhus, Denmark, 22-24 August 2005.

    Journal Papers

    Cohoon, J.M., Nigai, S. and Kaye, J. 'J.'. 2012. Gender and computing conference papers . Communications of the ACM 54(8) 72-80.

    Bell, G., Kaye, J. 'J.' Designing Technologies for Domestic Spaces: A Future Kitchen Manifesto, Gastronomica 2(2) May 2002 p46-62.

    Witzgall, B., Kaye, J. 'J.' Context As Output, MIT Student J. of Planning 2, Spring 2001.

    Case Studies, Posters & Alternative Forums

    Distinguished Case Study

    Kaye, J. 'J.', Holstius, D., Seto, E., Eddy, B., Ritter, M. 2012. Using NFC phones to track water purification in Haiti. Full Case Study, Extended Abstracts CHI'12, 677-690.
    Kaye, J. 'J.', Lillie, A., Jagdish, D., Walkup, J., Parada, R., Mori, K. 2012. Nokia internet pulse: a long term deployment and iteration of a twitter visualization. Full Case Study, Ext. Abs. CHI'12. 829-844
    Zhang, N., Hagan, M. and Kaye, J. 'J.'. 2012. Safe Mathare: Mobile system for womens' safe commutes in the slums. Poster, Ext. Abs. MobileCHI 2012.
    Tomlinson, B., Ross, J., André, P., Baumer, E.P.S., Patterson, D.J., Corneli, J., Mahaux, M., Nobarany, S., Lazzari, M., Penzenstadler, B., Torrance, A.W., Callele, D.J., Olson, G.M., Silberman, M.S., Ständer, M., Palamedi, F.R., Salah, A., Morrill, E., Franch, X., Mueller, F., Kaye, J. 'J.', Black, R.W., Cohn, M.L., Shih, P.C., Brewer, J., Goyal, N., Näkki, P., Huang, J., Baghaei, N., and Saper, C. 2011. Massively distributed authorship of academic papers. alt.chi Ext. Abs.CHI'12. 11-20
    Wang, T., and Kaye, J. 'J.'. 2011. Inventive Leisure Practices: Understanding hacking communities as sites of sharing and innovation. alt.chi - Ext. Abs. CHI'11.
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    Ballagas, R., Kaye, J. 'J.', Ames, M., Go, J., and Raffle, H. 2009. Family communication: phone conversations with children. Proc. IDC '09 321-324.
    Kaye, J. 'J' 2009. Some statistical analyses of CHI. Ext. Abs. CHI '09, 2585-2594.
    Brown, L. and Kaye, J. 'J.' Eggs-ploring the influence of material properties on haptic experience. Poster, Ext. Abs. HAID'07.
    Gaw, S., Kaye, J. 'J.' and Wood, K. Screensaver for Note-Review. Poster, ESCSW'07
    Kaye, J. 'J'. Evaluating Experience-focused HCI. Doctoral Consortium, Ext. Abs. CHI 2007, 1661-1664.
    Wyche, S.P., Taylor, A., and Kaye, J. 'J.' Pottering: A design-oriented investigation. Experience Report, Proc. CHI 2007, 1893-1898.
    Kaye, J. 'J.' and Sengers, P. 2007. The Evolution of Evaluation. alt.chi.
    Leshed, G., and Kaye, J. 'J.' Understanding how bloggers feel: recognizing affect in blog posts. Work-in-Progress Ext. Abs. CHI 2006
    Kaye, J. 'J.'I Just Clicked To Say I Love You: Rich Evaluations of Minimal Communication. alt.chi, Ext. Abs. CHI'06, 363-368.
    Kaye, J. 'J', Levitt, M., Nevins, J., Golden, J., and Schmidt, V. Communicating Intimacy One Bit at a Time. Late-breaking Result,Ext. Abs. CHI'05 1529 - 1532.
    Kaye, J. 'J.', and Goulding, L. Intimate Objects. Poster, Proc. Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2004 341-344.

    Panels, Workshops & SIGs

    Peters, A., Dray, S., and Kaye, J. SIG: Work life balance in HCI. Ext. Abs. CHI'12. 1229-1232.
    Kaye, J. 'J.', Buie, E., Hoonhout, J., Höök, K., Roto, V., Jenson, S., Wright, P. Designing for User Experience: Academia & Industry. Panel. Ext. Abs. CHI'11.
    Kaye, J. 'J.', Wiliiams, A., and Oehlberg, L. Hacking, Tinkering, Crafts and Inventive Leisure Practices. Workshop. Proc. CSCW 2011.
    Kaye, J, Nelimarkka, M., Kauppinen, R., Vartiainen, S., and Isosomppi, P. 2011. Mobile family interaction: how to use mobile technology to bring trust, safety and wellbeing into families. Proc. MobileHCI '11, 721-724.
    Neustaedter, C., Judge, T.K., Harrison, S., Sellen, A., Cao, X., Kirk, D. and Kaye, J. 2010. Connecting families: new technologies, family communication, and the impact on domestic space.Workshop. Proc. GROUP '10: 363-366.
    Fernaeus, Y., Cramer, H., Korhonen, H. and Kaye, J. 'J.'. Please Enjoy!? Workshop on Playful Experiences in Mobile HCI. Proc. MobileHCI 2010 505-508.
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    Brewer, J., Kaye, J. 'J', Williams, A., and Wyche, S. Sexual Interactions: Why we should talk about sex in HCI. Workshop Proposal, Ext. Abs. CHI 2006.
    Kaye, J. 'J.' and Bell, G.: Holy Hanging Out: Exploring Spirituality and Religion in the Corporate Environment. EPIC 2005 Workshop.

    Non-refereed Journals & Magazine Articles

    Brian Keegan, Dan Horn, Thomas A. Finholt, Joseph "Jofish" Kaye. 2013. Structure and Dynamics of Coauthorship, Citation, and Impact within CSCW.
    Kaye, J. 'J'. 2012. Minority Retort interactions 18(8) 10-11

    Ballagas, R., Raffle, H., Go, J., Revelle, G., Kaye, J. 'J.', Ames, M., Horii, H., Mori, K. and Spasojevic, M. 2010. StoryTime for the 21st Century. IEEE Pervasive Computing 9, 3 (July 2010), 28-36.

    Kaye, J. 'J'. Horoscopes: Valuing the Irrational. Ambidextrous Magazine 2(1) Spring 2007

    Cover article

    Kaye, J. 'J.' Making Scents: Aromatic Output for HCI. Cover article, interactions 11(1) Jan+Feb 2004 48-61.

    Sengers, P., Kaye, J. 'J.', Boehner, K., Fairbank, J., Gay, G., Medynskiy, Y. and Wyche S. Culturally Embedded Computing. Pervasive Computing, 3(1) 2004.

    Kaye, J. 'J.' Computer Controlled Scent Output. Perfumer and Flavorist, Nov/Dec 2003

    Kaye, J. 'J.', Matsakis, N. Mr. Java. IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications May 2000

    Book Chapters

    Ballagas, R., Kaye, J. 'J.' and Raffle, H. Reading, Laughing, and Connecting with Young Children in C. Neustaedter, S. Harrison, A. Sellen, Eds. Connecting Families: The Impact of New Communication Technologies on Domestic Life. Springer.

    Rather Good

    Kaye, J. 2012. Love, Ritual & Videochat. in R. Harper, Ed.  The Connected Home: The Future of Domestic Life, Springer.

    Kaye, J. 2008. Computer-controlled smell output. Chapter 36, Fragrance for Personal Care. Allured Publishing.

    Kaye, J. 'J.' LEGOs. 2008. Falling for Science: Objects in Mind, S. Turkle, Ed. MIT Press.

    Harper, R., Rodden, T., Rogers, Y., & Sellen, A. 2008. Being Human: Human Computer Interaction in 2020. Microsoft Research Cambridge. Contributor.

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    Professional Service

    Vice-President at Large, ACM SIGCHI 2012-2015

    Editor, Personal & Ubiquitous Computing 2012-present

    Co-Chair (with G. Hayes, UC Irvine): CHI 2013 Panels

    Co-Chair (with I. Schlovski, ICT Copenhagen): NordiCHI 2012 Workshops & Tutorials

    Local Program Chair: MobileHCI 2012

    Co-Chair (with A. Druin, U of Maryland): CHI 2012 Panels

    Co-Chair (with K. Höök, Mobile Life): MobileHCI 2011 Doctoral Consortium

    Co-Chair (with C. Satchell, U of Melbourne): CSCW 2011 Horizons

    Co-Chair (with L. Barkhaus, U of Glasgow): alt.chi 2008.

    Program Committees: CSCW 2009-2012, MobileHCI 2011-12, CHI 2009-2010, OzCHI 2008, NordiCHI 2008-2010, DIS 2008-2010, Multimedia Visualization 2004, 2005.

    Conference Reviewing: CHI, DIS, CSCW, Ubicomp, SIGGRAPH, UIST, DUX, IEEE VR, Pervasive, Multimedia Visualization (M2Vis)

    Peer Reviewing: National Science Foundation, ToCHI, HCI, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Social Psychology Quarterly


    I care deeply about my teaching, and consistently receive high teaching evaluations. I believe teaching is an important part of a reflective research practice, and I continue to integrate it into my development as a industrial researcher. I teach with an emphasis on rapid prototyping, user-centered approaches, iterative design processes, group work and reflective design. I encourage learning from group projects for real-world clients, such as local farmers and community outreach projects. Since joining Nokia I have co-taught Designing Liberation Technology and coached multiple classes in design and cross-cultural work, all at Stanford, as well as giving several lectures at UC Berkeley and the California College of the Arts. I have also judged various final class presentations and Masters projects at both Stanford and Berkeley, and been on the committee for students at CCA.

    Spring 2012

    Stanford University
    CS.379 Designing Liberation Technology. Consulting Assistant Professor.

    Spring 2008

    Cornell University
    INFO/COMM.345 Intro to Human Computer Interaction. Head TA.

    Fall 2007

    INFO/CS.130 Intro to Web Design & Programming. Head TA.

    Spring 2007

    INFO/CS.230 Intro Design & Programming for the Web. Joint Head TA.

    Spring 2006

    STS.356 Computing Culture. Joint Head TA.

    Fall 2005

    INFO/CS.130 Intro to Web Design & Programming. Head Teaching TA.

    January 2001

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Smell But Were Afraid To Ask, IAP Seminar

    Selected Media Coverage

    In Haiti, RFID Tracks Drinking Water. Claire Swedberg, RFID Journal, March 10, 2011

    Aqua Plan: Could Cell Phones Help Aid Workers Ensure Haiti's Supply of Clean Drinking Water? Larry Greenemeier,, February 18, 2011

    Love Tech Goes Long Distance. Andy Greenberg,, February 6, 2008

    Computer to User - You Figure It Out. Gary H. Anthes, Compuworld, January 23, 2006

    Kitchens of the Future. The Food Network, January 18, 2004

    The Infinite Mind: Sense of Smell. National Public Radio, April 30, 2003

    Will the Kitchen Please Shut Up! Richard Wolkomir, Smithsonian, September 1999

    In an M.I.T. Lab, the Future Cooks. Wm. Hamilton, New York Times, February 18, 1999

    Invited Talks

    Comfortable Computing, Communal Computing, Content Consumption and the Creativity of Curation & Collage, UW Bothell, Computing & Software Systems, 15 February 2012

    Family Communication Studies, UC Irvine Friday Informatics Series, 13 March 2011

    My parents came!

    Understanding technology use in families, Interaction Design Group Seminar Series, University of Melbourne, 3 January 2011

    Understanding technology use in families, Google UX Brownbag Seminar, 8 December 2010

    Values in Home Videoconferencing, Beyond the Cell Phone Seminar, UC Berkeley, 10 November 2010

    Making Family: Constructing Family Values through Videochat, CMU West, Research Seminar, 22 September 2009

    Ways of Knowing and Judging, Design Futures Lecture Series, UC Berkeley School of Information, 29 April 2009

    Epistemology for Design: Why 'how we know' matters, Interaction Design, California College of the Arts, 29 January 2009

    Evolving Evaluation from Engineers to Experience, Stanford University Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, Stanford, CA. 22 April 2007.

    Expanding the Scope: Pushing the Boundaries of HCI, CHI Mumbai, Mumbai, India. 19 March 2007.

    Expanding the Scope: Pushing the Boundaries of HCI, Bangalore, India. 22 March 2007.

    Towards Experience-focused HCI, Invited Talk, BostonCHI, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 16 March 2007.

    The Evolution of Evaluation, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. 15 December 2006

    The Evolution of Evaluation: Learning from History as a Step Towards the Evaluation of Third Wave HCI , University of Aarhus, Denmark. 29 November 2006

    Steps Towards a History of Ethnomethodology in HCI and CSCW, Science & Technology Studies Unit, University of York, UK. 20 November 2006.

    Evolution of Evaluation in HCI, York HCI Group Seminar, Department of Psychology, University of York, UK. 19 November 2006.

    Evolving Evaluation from Engineers to Experience: What History can Teach us About Evaluation in HCI, GIST Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, UK. 16 November 2006.

    Evaluation in HCI Looking at the evolution of an interdisciplinary field, Oxford e-Science Research Project, University of Oxford, UK. 15 November 2006.

    How We Got To Where We Are Today: Understanding the History of Evaluation in HCI, Guest Seminar, IT Universitetet, Göteborg, Sweden, 6 October 2006.

    Evaluation in Experience-Focused HCI: Exploring the Virtual Intimate Object , Future Applications Lab, Viktoria Institute, Göteborg, Sweden, 13 January 2006.

    Intimate Objects, Invited Talk, Human Communication Technologies Laboratory, University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada. 6 January 2005

    Invited Survey

    Olfactory Display, UIST 2004, Santa Fe, NM. 26 October 2004.

    Future Kitchen Technologies, Campbell Soup Company, Camden, NJ, 1 October 2003

    Symbolic Olfactory Display, Designing for the Senses, Smithsonian/Cooper-Hewitt & Rockefeller University, New York, NY, 3 May 2003

    My Grandmother Could Cook A Pasta Dinner In Seven Minutes Or Less With No Wasted Steps, Smart Home Series, Intel Architecture Labs, Portland OR, 22 September 2001

    Computerized Symbolic Olfactory Display, Xerox Parc, Stanford CA, 1 August 2001.

    Future Technologies & Practices Impacting The Home, Information & The Urban Future, New York University, New York NY, 26 February 2001.

    Kitchen Directions, Schott Glas, Mainz, Germany, 23 August 2000.

    Forget About Technology, Bluetooth: Future of Wireless, ICM, Washington DC, 14 July 2000.

    Technology for All, Access to Info Tech, Reykjavik, Iceland, 22 February 2000.

    Technology in Future Kitchens, Design & Tech, Hafele, SF, CA, 23 September 1999.

    Skills & Activities

    Technical skills: Python, prototyping analog & digital electronics, Unix, etc.

    Languages: Rusty conversational French and even rustier intermediate Japanese.

    Theater: Extensive performances, master-classes and directing of improv, actor-created & scripted theatre.

    MIT Mystery Hunt 2003 - The Matrix: Joint creator of world's largest treasure hunt.


    I am an enthusiastic supporter of local food and wine, brew a mean ale, and like to cook, dance, and host friends and family. My wife and I have become experts at extensive use of public transport while traveling so we don't have to bring car seats for our twin one-year-old daughters.