Bridget Jones' Blog-style counts:
Convertibles: 1
Miles: 378
Alcohol: 2 glasses of sherry on arrival.
Family at breakfast with seven blonde daughters with long hair all wearing ankle-length skirts in a creepy wholesome religious way: 1

Good morning world! Janet and I are on I-84, about five miles east of the Idaho/Oregon border doing 80 mph in a white Chrysler convertible iPoding Groove Armada while blogging. We are so absolutely cool in the 2005 definition of cool.

Friday night we went out for a reasonably crazy night on the town, starting at Rinkler's, which some of you might remember from CHI as being below the Crystal Ballroom and having the world's best tator tots. Good bunch of people showed up, then we went to a handful of other places, finishing up at a drinking $2 pints of PBR in a dive bar on NE12th and Multnomah, having decided that we didn't feel like spending $10 to go to a club with quite that much attidue. (It's Portland, fer chrissake.)

This made the next morning a bit tricky. Janet was driving, but sometime that night I had started drinking bombay and tonic with Josh (G's boy), and that trend had continued for quite a while. (I think I met either Cheech or Chong's son at one of the places we were at. Just remembered that. ) 8:22am the woman came to pick up 's harp, and then we headed off to the airport to pick up the rental car. After complex negotiation, we decided we needed a convertible. Back to the house, clean up, pack everything -- everything fit in the car except two boxes for each of us, which got FedExed off home, which ain't bad going. Then over to G's house to drop off her car which we had borrowed and we hit the road.

We had a late lunch at the east-most Burgerville, as a farewell to Oregon, and sotpped by Fred Meyer for sunglasses and hats for the drive. The late start meant we didn't get as far as we had hoped: we made it to Ontario, Oregon, right on the Idaho border, and ended up in the Super 8, complete with nonsmoking mini-suite and pool/hot tub. Slept for HOURS. We note we're in the area of the country where "free wireless internet" hasn't replaced "cable tv" on the motel signs yet.

So now we're heading east. Tonight in Salt Lake City, becuase when J&J hit the road, they know that the BEST TIME to visit Salt Lake City is Sunday night. Party with the Mormons, yo.

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